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A few days after Obama was announced re-elected, we dived into our social media monitoring software to pull some insights for the past 30 days.

Back in 2008, President Obama’s digital campaign became one of the world’s references in social media, defeating the Republican nominee, John McCain. However, while everyone expected again another great online performance by Obama, many wondered how well the Republican candidate, Mitt Romney, would embrace that channel.

Turns out, that in the final results, while Obama won in number of mentions, the online race has been pretty tight. Here it goes:

Topic trend

Check out how Romney wins partially the mentions battle October 16th and 22nd.

Conversation by media type

Obama conquered mentions in every media channel by far. Here the difference seems bigger.

Overall mentions with 30-day difference

Top-10 number of mentions by country

Did you expect Netherlands, Brazil and India in 4th, 5th and 6th  place?


Last Thursday,  Tipp-Ex (a BIC product) launched once again their interactive campaign with the funny bear: “In the first season, viewers were invited to white and rewrite the story… For the second season, it’s now time to white and rewrite history!” (BIC’s press release).

Last year we followed the results for the first week of the campaign and also commented on some missed opportunities. Let’s first analyse a bit the brand mentions generated during this second season. We tracked the following keywords: tippex, tipp-ex, tipex and the official hashtag, #tippexexperience2. The timeframe we used was April 9th through the 19th.

Trend: This year the impact was bigger. Tipp-Ex had almost 5,000 mentions on launch date only. Last year they reached less than 2,000 the same day. They also had an average of over 200 brand mentions before the campaign started as opposed to 100 last year.

Mentions by region: Besides the US, not surprisingly in first place, this year the most mentions came from France  in second place (Buzzman, the French agency behind the campaign might have some impact) and the UK in third. Last year the UK was second and Germany third.

Mentions by media type: Naturally, micromedia was king with over 11,000 mentions. Last year we had over 4,000 within a few days from launch.

Was the campaign successful?

Despite the fact that Tipp-Ex achieved higher reach in this second attempt and that, undoubtedly, it’s a very creative and fun way to engage with fans, I wouldn’t say it was a success.
They have indeed added this time a Facebook page for the campaign (not the product unfortunately) where they amassed 35,000 fans. However, that doesn’t translate into success either.

We wrote a few posts about the importance of endurance in social media marketing. The BIC Group, as well as other powerful brands, such as Volkswagen and Old Spice, have the budgets to pull off entertaining campaigns of this magnitude.

Do you enjoy beautiful fireworks? How long do they last? That’s the best analogy to explain this new campaign. It took Tipp-Ex over a year to come back with “the bear”. The 1 million dollar question is: What have they done in the meantime?

There are no signs of engagement, no brand/product representatives talking to customers, not even in the Facebook page with 35 thousand fans! (please correct me if I’m wrong by sharing the link to their social channels in the comments).

At the end of the day, the idea is good and more likely Tipp-Ex will stay fresh in people’s minds for some time. However, a good social media marketing programme requires a lot more than one expensive, interactive campaign every now and then. Impressing your audience is one thing. Talking with them makes it more meaningful and rewarding.

What do you think?

Last Sunday, February 26th, The Oscars’ ceremony was celebrated once again. A type of event that generates a lot of conversations around the world so we thought it would be interesting to share with you some insights.

Conversation trend

This graph shows you the level of “oscars” mentions from February 23rd through the 28th. By including a few days before and after the event you can clearly see the contrast in the volume. From an average of about 12 thousand mentions days before the ceremony to over 2 million on Sunday 26th.

Conversation cloud

We only tracked Sunday 26th and Monday 27th for this graph in order to get a clearer snapshot of the conversations.
We drilled down into many of the keywords, especially “worst” and “best” to see if we could discover something worth talking about. Yes, you guessed. Nothing, unless you really wanted to know what thousands of people said about Angelina Jolie’s leg. You may be interested in knowing that many people mentioned that this was probably one of the worst Oscar ceremonies though.

This tweet about Natalie Portman’s selected words was retweeted almost 15 thousand times!

Where did conversations occur?

Most of you wouldn’t be surprised to see that Twitter ruled. Even if the monitoring software could track all Facebook posts that are not public, Twitter would still win with a major difference. It’s a very agile, real-time communication tool.

Mentions by country

Naturally, the US and Canada led the pack. I wouldn’t have guessed that  Brazil would be in the fourth place.
To the right of the graph you get the difference in the amount of mentions compared to a couple of days before the event.

Did you follow The Oscars? Have you got any insights to share?

I recently decided that I was going to own a game console.
Anyone that has been properly bombarded by marketing messages will probably tell that the fight in this field is between XBox (Microsoft), PlayStation (Sony) and Wii Nintendo). Naturally, my first task was to get informed about the different devices before executing.

I started off by reading online reviews but didn’t help much since all the consoles seemed to have clear advantages. The next step was to ask a couple of friends personally. I ended up hearing great things about PlayStation and Xbox (Good bye Wii).
On October 24th,  I decided to ask my Facebook and Twitter friends (with an obvious “I’m-ready-to-buy message) but, since I tagged the manufacturers, I really expected them to reach out to me first and help me decide or offer a special deal. I also used hashtags (#gameconsole #videogames) so my message could be discovered by other people or companies that might have wanted to help me.

The Results: Are you surprised at all?

Xbox, PlayStation and Wii never appeared. Maybe they’re too busy counting money and didn’t find time to help a prospect ready to buy
Their Facebook pages have millions of fans. The walls are restricted to their posts only so, we could say that based on that setting, they didn’t see my message.
But Twitter?
It’s very easy to see who’s talking to you on Twitter. It should be used by these brands as a customer service tool but hey, if you have a PR company, busy pushing messages there, they might have better things to do than talking to a prospect or customer, right?

Our post from last week was about Twitter for business and how your message gets lost. That was proven again in this experiment.
Facebook was clearly the only saviour. The platform facilitated the connection between my message and my friends (thank you guys!). Despite any comment we might have about Facebook’s algorithm, my post was clearly seen and received immediate feedback the very same day.

On November 6th, I bought an Xbox 360 game console (special thanks to Benito!) with an additional wireless controller through Amazon (Better price and free shipping).

What decision/s have your social media connections helped you made recently?

Even though a few rumors started on Friday, August 12th, the big news hit on Monday 15th. Yes, Google bought Motorola Mobility for approximately $12.5 Billion.

From last Friday until today (almost five days) our social media monitoring software pulled 346,229 mentions (and counting) about the “Googlerola” deal. Let’s take a look at some insights:

Where did conversations take place?

This should be no surprise to most of you. Twitter dominated the scene with over 81% of the mentions.

Can Google+ kill Twitter? No way, unless Google introduces a game-changing move.



How did the trend in conversations look like?

The obvious spike in conversations happened on the very 15th (135 thousand) with most of the mentions neutral (spreading the news). I would have guessed that the deal would have generated more than one big spike.

The topic is pretty much dying out in terms of mentions after 48 hours. Maybe, it means that in general, people don’t really know what to expect.

Where did the news resonate?

The US is naturally number one. However did you imagine Brazil and Japan in 3th and 5th place? Looks like Canada has reacted to the news within the past 24 hours (Based on difference in mentions from last week)

What relevant keywords are showing around the topic?

Without digging into sentiment analysis, we can see on the conversation cloud that there’s no presence of negative keywords (at least for now).

What do people think?

Mashable published this Poll yesterday. The results support the tag cloud above.

What’s your opinion about the Google-Motorola deal? Is it a waste of cash or a valuable strategic move for Google?

This year, the well known world-leader conference,  G8, provided an interesting addition: The e-G8; a new summit of global Internet leaders (also in Paris, May 24th and 25th). The goal was to advise the G8 leaders on important issues related to the Internet.

We drilled drown into all the relevant conversations about the  e-G8 conference to learn more. (Keywords tracked: eg8, e-g8, #eg8. Time period: past 7 days)

Conversation trend

We registered 74,361 mentions. It looks like the opening (and maybe the fact the it’s a new thing) has the most impact. I would have guessed that the second day would have had more resonance, especially with Mark Zuckerber’s talk.

What were the main keywords mentioned?

We can clearly see Zuckerberg, Erich Schmidt as the main Internet leaders mentioned and John Perry Barlow @jpbarlow and Tariq Krim @tariqkrim as one of the Twitter accounts with the most resonance.

Where did most conversations happen?

The scene was clearly dominated by Twitter. However, we couldn’t fairly compare the conversations with those on Facebook since the monitoring software can only pull what’s not set as “private”. 3,378 blog posts in the past seven days, seems quite reasonable. The most important posts though, will be those coming up in the next few days. Will country leaders read at least a piece of them? Hopefully.

Conversations by country (Including difference from previous week)

There weren’t surprises for the first two countries, however Germany has gone from the tenth to the fifth place in 24 hours.

Negative Vs positive mentions

Most of the mentions were neutral so we hid visibility of neutral posts to drill down into the positive Vs negative comments. Surprisingly, the opening day (Tuesday 24th) with the most mentions also had record negative comments ( @jensbest played a big role here. He was massively retweeted). On Wednesday, the coin flipped and positive mentions outnumbered negative. Loads of the conversations with positive sentiment on Wednesday quoted Mark Zuckerberg.

I hope the analysis was useful. If you want to research further into what was said on Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th you may download the e-G8 conversations HERE

Today, it’s been exactly one week since Volkswagen launched their phenomenal “New Passat / The Force” commercial that went wild in social networks, especially YouTube (More that 22 million views and counting) . It’s amazing how can a one-minute video can have such an impact

In line with what we did last time, a week after the Tipp-Ex “Bear” campaign launched, this time I’d like to share with you a few stats about the Volkswagen campaign. Sentiment won’t be included this time since it would be a bit redundant. We know how the majority of the people felt about the video 🙂

Performance Vs previous week

“The Force” video was launched last Wednesday, February second. Even though mentions and views are starting to naturally slow down, have a look at what Volkswagen accomplished in a 7-day period: Mentions went up 123% (More than 185K mentions)

Was the video really responsible for this?

Yes indeed. The fact that it was also playing at the SuperBowl certainly helped as well. However, have a look at the circled keywords in the tag cloud. They all belong to the “The Force” video.

Where did the buzz happen?

As you may have imagined, the majority of the mentions occurred in the US, followed by… (surprise) The Netherlands? Yes.

Brand mentions by media type

It does make sense that most of the buzz happened on Twitter and blogs, however you will see that 7.6% for Facebook might be too low. The reason for this is because monitoring software at the moment can only track Facebook accounts that have their data open. There are loads of impermeable profiles that certainly contributed to the mentions but can’t be tracked 🙁


The video was great and probably generated the desired outcome for the Volkswagen folks. Let’s not forget though, that the video/campaign was launched to generate awareness about the New Passat. Bottom line: more people know about the 2011 Passat and hopefully it will translate into more sales. It’s too early though to see the sales but I wonder, if I went out there and asked people what’s the product in the Volkswagen Darth Vader video… will they know?

What are your thoughts?

Are you proactively working on your company’s reputation online? For those of you that still ask “why should I bother?”, then answer: Is your offline company reputation important?

Last week we received a few calls and a couple of LinkedIn questions about company reputation and visibility (looks like many companies are “on a mission”)

I’m aware that many of you are still thinking, delivering when and how you’re going to use Twitter, Facebook and more importantly a company blog (phenomenal reputation management tools). Also, many of you have to even go through several stakeholders, Legal and other departments to deploy your social media presence. However, today, I’d like to share something that you can launch straight away, a no-brainer, something that shouldn’t require many approvals and also a fundamental way to leverage your company’s visibility and reputation. That’s a LinkedIn company page.

I would have assumed many professionals were on board but turns out only a small percentage of companies are taking advantage of this valuable resource.

Why is a LinkedIn company page so important?

First, answer this: what does your business offer and what are people saying about it? The majority of companies would probably have to spend some good time collecting testimonials here and there to finally deliver… by email? A LinkedIn company page portrays all that powerful information in one shot (one page) and it’s available to anyone in the world that wants to check out how good you are, even while you sleep 🙂
LinkedIn is also a strong business network with more than 80 million professionals so the chances that people will visit your personal profile and your company’s, is very likely.

The “Services” tab is one of the hottest additions.  You can load products and services and have your clients leave a recommendation (social proof). In order for this to work, you must proactively ask your customers to endorse your company. If you don’t make it simple for them (provide link), it won’t happen magically.

An opportunity for people to get closer

You can also “Follow” a company on Linekdin. This means that every time there’s a new member in the team, a new opening or people leaving, this information makes it to the LinkedIn news stream and via email reaching hundreds or thousands of business professionals.
Channelship on LinkedIn

3 important bonuses

On the upper right, there’s a useful call-to-action for people that want to learn more and get in touch!
Also, every single tab of your LinkedIn Company page has a spot for you to include a video. This is fabulous since it provides a much deeper taste for your audience. Videos are proven to be super effective tools to educate your community and help them make a decision.

Finally, you avail of free page analytics. All graphics compare your company’s numbers against similar companies.

What’s your experience with LinkedIn pages? Will you set up yours?

While many companies are still truly interested in learning more about the return on investment in social media, others keep using it as a perfect shield (excuse) in order not to try.

Social media has been sold to everybody the wrong way (I make the word “media” responsible). As a result, a big percentage of companies have the perception that this is something they need to use to “push” a message (exactly like TV, radio or newspaper) and hopefully increase sales = revenue.

I’ve made a quick video to share with you a basic example of Social Media ROI in sales. The keyword of the game, after you devised your strategy, is “patience“, especially when the goal comes down to revenue. Why? Because if you treat people as “disposable customers” (that’s how they will feel), then the question “Now what?” will become a bigger issue than anything else.
It takes time, consistency and hard work to build a reputation and just seconds to through it all away.

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(If you cannot view the video please follow the link: Social media ROI)

It’s also great when social media doesn’t come out of the Sales & Marketing Departments. For example, if it starts in Customer service and/or HR , they will focus more on improving quality of communication and interaction while capitalising in long term relationships (Internally & externally). This moves them away from just being seen as pure “cost centres”.

What are your thoughts?

We are only 5 weeks away from Christmas (Yeah, I know, were did the year go?) and while doing grocery shopping last week, I wondered what supermarket is the most talked about and also how are the others doing currently. I selected four top brands in the UK: Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Waitrose and Tesco. So here are the amount of mentions (and percentages) for the past 30 days:

Now, let’s take these results as a starting point.

I realised that even though most of these supermarkets have a social media “presence”, none of them are using it in creative ways as an avenue to gain a bigger piece of the conversation out there.  This point becomes even more important now, since all these brands are about to face the busiest month of the year with Christmas and New Year.

I’m going to share with you (Supermarkets) two ways in which you can be remarkable for the entire month of December and become the most talked about supermarket. What I’ll also do is a follow up post close to the end of 2010, with the updated version of the graphic above (mentions per brand) and check out the difference. In other words, we’ll see if any of these supermarkets made an effort to beat Tesco (And Tesco made an effort to stay at the top).
Ready for the challenge?

Location, location, location

People go to your supermarket every day, week and month. That’s a huge advantage, therefore you need to capitalise on that, especially with gelocation becoming so popular and so many people owning smart phones (iPhones, Androids).

Here’s the idea: Besides using the old-fashioned in-store announcement, i.e. “We remind all customers that our dairy products have a 20% off this months, etc“, make announcements that encourage people inside the supermarket to tell their friends what’s going on and make them want to come too! How about that?
So the idea would be to launch a December promo where you will announce a discount or giveaway every HOUR.  Example of speaker announcement: “Do you have a smart phone? Check into Foursquare and send it to Twitter with the hashtag #itsfun (come up with your own short branded one). The first two people to do that will get XXX price or 70% off  XX special brand” (It must be something attractive).
The beauty of this tactic is that people have to really be in the store because they never know when the announcement will be made. In other words, users can’t just cheat by checking in from outside your supermarket 🙂

If your brand is stronger on Facebook, do it with Facebook Places. In this case it turns more visual since your Facebook check in allows you now to include a picture. So part of the deal would be to check in through Facebook Places and include a photo of your favourite product. The first one, or first two to do it, will get it at 50% off or maybe for free. Not bad!

Bonus: Placing a few signs strategically across the stores, announcing that you offer Free Wi-Fi it should be a nice winner!
If you organise this idea well, and advertise it correctly (spreading the word so people know what will happen during December in your supermarket) it will make it easier to take a nice piece of the conversation away from your competitors and have a lot of customers from other supermarkets come to yours!

Engaging Photo and Video content

If your supermarket is in the Stone Age and still doesn’t allow pictures or video inside the stores, please get over it and grow your brand! If you don’t do it, your competitor will and with that, a nice piece of your market share will go too. Not cool huh?

Work on one BIG Christmas giveaway by making people submit a picture of their favourite product or brand through a Facebook App (customised tab) on your Facebook page (You cannot run promotions on your Wall unless you use an application). The beauty of doing it through an app is that it has better chances of going viral. It’s also easier to measure results. You’re more in control too.
I you don’t want your developer to build an application from scratch, you can also benefit from Facebook for Marketing solutions such as Wild Fire App. Very useful.

Have your customers send you creative photos and/or videos inside the supermarket. They would submit this as a link. Then you can have a dedicated page on your site with a gallery of either all or the best photos and videos sent by your customers. You can choose the criteria you want but idealy the best one/s or most creative would get that BIG Christmas giveaway.
This step will contribute to building a stronger community and will capture the attention of many new visitors.

I have more ideas but these two should get you going. Are you ready? Do you have more ideas? Leave a comment below!