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Brand Monitoring: The Tipp-Ex Campaign Is Back But Was It Successful?

April 20 | 2 Comments

Analysis of brand mentions generated during this second season

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Social Media Buzz Monitoring: The Oscars 2012

February 29 | Comments Off

Oscars' insights

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If Brands Don’t Listen, Your Facebook Friends Will

November 9 | 2 Comments

Are some brands too busy to help ready-to-buy prospects?

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Brand Monitoring: The Google-Motorola Deal

August 17 | Comments Off

From last Friday until today (almost five days) our social media monitoring software pulled 346,229 mentions about the "Googlerola" deal. Here're some insights

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Buzz Monitoring: e-G8 Insights

May 26 | 4 Comments

This year the G8 conference included the e-G8: a new summit of global Internet leaders. We drilled drown into all the relevant conversations around "e-G8" to learn more...

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Brand Monitoring: How Did The VolksWagen Campaign Perform?

February 9 | 8 Comments

It's been exactly one week since Volkswagen launched their phenomenal...

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A Basic Company Reputation Step

January 19 | 1 Comment

We'd like to share something very simple, a no-brainer, something that shouldn't require many approvals and also a fundamental way to leverage your company visibility and reputation...

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Visualising Your Social Media ROI: Sales Example

January 12 | Comments Off

Fred made a quick video to share with you a basic example of Social Media ROI in sales. The keyword of the game, after you devised your strategy, is "patience"

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Brand Monitoring: Want To Be The Most Talked About Supermarket?

November 16 | Comments Off

We are only 5 weeks away from Christmas. While doing grocery shopping last week, I wondered what supermarket is most talked about...

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