Endurance: The Key To a Profitable Social Media Marketing Programme

Brands and companies spend millions every year in a quest to achieve awareness and transactions. They do it basically by crafting campaign after campaign. Some of them will yield better results than others of course.

Here’s the BIG question (and problem) with the “saviour campaign” approach: Who is manning the front desk while we work on the next campaign?

There’s nothing wrong with marketing campaigns. They must be part of our strategy. However, all we’re doing is engaging our brand in a series of microcycles that reach their peak but then crash without building up brand equity neither endurance in the long term.


The secret lies on staying very focused on your listening stations and connecting with your community of customers and prospects… all the time, and not just in-between campaigns.
There are several ways to know how well you’re doing. For example, comparing month-to-month the number of queries from people, the number of answers delivered by your department and others (IT, Sales, Customer Service). You can track those indicators per day or if it’s too busy, I would suggest even to break it down by the hour to get a better perspective about the busiest times and proactively request back-up, as it would normally happen in an inbound call centre.

Being available to your community all the time (“Business as usual”) is perceived as more valuable than showing up only when you have something to sell. The best example is the Old Spice campaign. Many said it was one of the most successful social media campaigns because it was creative and delivered ROI. As Gary Vaynerchuk geniously pinpointed later: “Have you paid attention to the Twitter activity from the Old Spice account after the party was over?” Their official posts reduced dramatically. That was a clear indication of how much Old Spice cared more about the campaign itself than people.

The goal would be to build blocks that elevate us, reaching more people every time we launch a new campaign. The only way to do this,  is by genuinely engaging in conversations with our community while we plan the next campaign.

Every time, the Twitter or  Facebook “phone” rings, be there to help: Deliver valuable information, acknowledge relevant comments, answer questions, feature followers. If you want to achieve endurance you must earn people’s trust along the way.

Remember, it’s showtime 24/7 now. You can’t just go on stage only to increase sales, people will notice 🙂