Social Media Marketing: Is Your Company In The Attention Game?

Many things are scarce in this world but I’m sure that “attention” is one of the scarcest resources of all at the moment.
Brands and companies believe that this new online world is about more and more campaigns. It’s not. Really?

Start by thinking about how you use social media. Are you using it in the exact same way as TV, radio or newspapers, pushing a message? Those with big budgets might get away with a few thousands new fans and followers in a good campaign but, guess what’s going to happen as soon as the eye-candy finishes? Users will switch off and forget about you.

Being in the “attention game” can never (ever) pay off. There is a way though, that if it’s done well, can make your company successful and remarkable. That is by making the decision of being in the “Relationships game“. Oh, did I mention that is far less competition there?
Note: you must also truly care about your customer. If that’s not in your company’s DNA, don’t try to fake. People with notice 🙂

I can’t agree more when Gary Vaynerchuck says: “The ROI of a company’s engagement with a customer scales in proportion with the bond of the relationship“.

Why is so difficult for brands and companies to see this?

Because the corporate world has scaled everything so much (employees, production, infrastructure, etc) that forgot about the simple things.
Is it so difficult to see that if you listen to your customers, talk to them, delight them you’ll win their hearts and they won’t disappear after the party (campaign) is finished?
Explanation to the boss: Delighting customers translates into more repeated sales, word of mouth and an increase in customer-lifetime-value. There’s your ROI.

What’s your experience in the “attention” or “relationships” game?