Brand Monitoring: How Did The VolksWagen Campaign Perform?

Today, it’s been exactly one week since Volkswagen launched their phenomenal “New Passat / The Force” commercial that went wild in social networks, especially YouTube (More that 22 million views and counting) .Ā It’s amazing how can a one-minute video can have such an impact

In line with what we did last time, a week after the Tipp-Ex “Bear” campaign launched, this time I’d like to share with you a few stats about the Volkswagen campaign. Sentiment won’t be included this time since it would be a bit redundant. We know how the majority of the people felt about the video šŸ™‚

Performance Vs previous week

“The Force” video was launched last Wednesday, February second. Even though mentions and views are starting to naturally slow down, have a look at what Volkswagen accomplished in a 7-day period: Mentions went up 123% (More than 185K mentions)

Was the video really responsible for this?

Yes indeed. The fact that it was also playing at the SuperBowl certainly helped as well. However, have a look at the circled keywords in the tag cloud. They all belong to the “The Force” video.

Where did the buzz happen?

As you may have imagined, the majority of the mentions occurred in the US, followed by… (surprise) TheĀ Netherlands? Yes.

Brand mentions by media type

It does make sense that most of the buzz happened on Twitter and blogs, however you will see that 7.6% for Facebook might be too low. The reason for this is because monitoring software at the moment can only track Facebook accounts that have their data open. There are loads of impermeableĀ profiles thatĀ certainlyĀ contributed to the mentions but can’t be tracked šŸ™


The video was great and probably generated the desired outcome for the Volkswagen folks. Let’s not forget though, that the video/campaign was launched to generate awareness about the New Passat. Bottom line: more people know about the 2011 Passat and hopefully it will translate into more sales. It’s too early though to see the sales but I wonder, if I went out there and asked people what’s the product in the Volkswagen Darth Vader video… will they know?

What are your thoughts?

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  • EoinKennedy says:

    Nice post Fred. We were discussing this earlier and one of the team was quizzing how well seeded this was before it really took off i.e. did they do a YouTube homepage take over or spend any money on online advertising. Any insights?

  • Fred says:

    Thanks Eoin.nWhile doing research I found out that they did not create a home base for this campaign. The video is wildly running around. I’m sure they did some initial seeding to get it started (not data available on that). However, based on all the activity around my network and how the video hit the news, I believe the video went viral naturally.nCouldn’t find yet any official numbers šŸ™ Post them here if you find them!nCheersnFred

  • David says:

    The New Volkswagon commercial was cute and a definite winner on TV and online for people viewing. But it will be interesting to know how it effects sales. Which is what advertising is really supposed to do.

  • Fred says:

    I agree David. nThey accomplished the awareness goal I’d say. In that sense it’d be the same as pushing a good TV commercial (for TV only). Everything indicates it should deliver sales but I guess it’s too early to know.nI can already see though how thousands of people are waiting for this not to deliver sales to prove their points that social media doesn’t work. My answer to all of them is: how much money do you think VW invested in that video? Anybody could have done it. I’m sure they will be pleased with 22 million people watching their company’s video. Whoever that says “those views mean nothing” is lying to him/herself.

  • Robin says:

    Good Ad but the bottomline is – How many cars will it sell? I am curious to see what the ROI is.

  • Yaffe Tidbits says:

    Ad of the Week: Volkswagen – The Force…

    The Super Bowl isn’t until this Sunday, but already some companies are leaking out their ads on the internet. I found this one in a paid search link, so they really wanted folks to find it. It’s typical of some……

  • Chris says:

    Great post Fred, very good analysis and presentationnnTwo questions for you:n1/ what tools do you use to generate the above data?n2/ And how accurate is the data?

  • Fred says:

    Thanks Chris.nnWe’ve been working with Radian6 for the past two years. These folks have been in the social media monitoring business for almost 8 years. We’re very happy with the platform.nnIn terms of accuracy, these kind of platforms have a nice learning curve, which means that you really need to understand how to utilise it in order to get useful data out of it. There’s one thing in common though with all these platforms: the data is as good as the keywords you enter.nHow accurate is it? wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly but It doesn’t drop below 90% in general.nThen, if you’re talking about “Sentiment”, it’s a bit trickier since machines can’t interpret sarcasm for example. I’d say sentiment would be about 70% accurate. However, then you can go in yourself and manually correct mentions so the accuracy level fits.

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